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CGIAR Initiative webinar

Innovation scaling for equitable food systems transformation: Introducing an innovation bundle profiling tool to enhance scalability

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Tropentag Conference, Berlin
Tropentag Conference, Berlin
MELIA&SPA team of the CGIAR Rethinking Food Markets Initiative

This virtual presentation was given at the international Tropentag Conference in Berlin to present findings from the CGIAR Rethinking Food Markets Initiative on scaling innovation.

In the presentation, Mirja Michalscheck (MELIA & SPA team) explains the adaptive scaling for systems transformation approach and the role of the innovation bundle profiling tool as applied within the CGIAR Rethinking Food Markets Initiative.

The profiling tool is used to describe and assess innovation bundles to enhance scalability. User experience and transferability to other contexts are discussed. The profiling tool is accessible at Kobotoolbox.

For any questions, please contact Minh Thi Thai (, Senior Scientist Innovation Scaling at the International Water Management Institute (IWMI) or Mirja Michalscheck (, Postdoctoral Fellow Innovation Scaling at IWMI.