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Research webinar

Dynamic growth of supply & demand for nutrient-dense foods in Africa: Policy Implications

This webinar showcased the dynamism in Africa's food markets providing insights into the drivers of the boom in demand and supply of fruits, vegetables and animal-source products in sub-Saharan Africa

This webinar, hosted by the CGIAR Rethinking Food Markets Initiative, showcased the dynamism in Africa's food markets. Most Africans do not consume sufficient fruits, vegetables, and animal-source products, as these nutrient-dense foods are too expensive for them and often also short in supply. But conditions are changing rapidly. Across the continent, both the consumption and production of these foods are expanding rapidly.  The study by Professor Tom Reardon and collaborators was presented at the webinar, exploring a true “meso boom”, characterized by grassroots-driven supply growth across multiple countries, which is reshaping food supply chains.

The webinar provided insights into the drivers of this boom in the demand and supply of nutrient-dense foods in sub-Saharan Africa. While these dynamics by and large took place without specific government support there are important lessons for policies. To ensure the inclusive development of value chains, governments have a critical role in infrastructure development, including the establishment of roads, wholesale markets, and electrification – all essential components in fostering continued growth and innovation within these evolving food markets.


Watch the video recording here