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CONFERENCE: Value Chain Analysis for Development: providing evidence for better policies and operations in agricultural value chains

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Value chain are a privileged target and entry point for intervention and policy formulation in order to reduce poverty in rural areas. Beyond the generation of jobs and income opportunities, value chain development also have consequences on social and environmental dimensions.

The Value Chain Analysis for Development (VCA4D) project has been launched in 2016 by DG INTPA to support European Delegations and governements in partner countries in their decision-making processes for agricultural development. The project is implemented by Agrinatura(link is external), the European Alliance of Research Centers and Universities specialized in agricultural research for development.

VCA4D relies on a comprehensive methodology combining economic, social and environmental indicators to appraise the economic performance, inclusiveness and sustainability of a value chain (https://europa.eu/capacity4dev/value-chain-analysis-for-development-vca4d-/wiki/1-vca4d-methodology). You can watch a short descriptive video of the methodology here(link is external)

Since its creation, VCA4D has performed more than 45 studies at the demand of EU Delegations across a range of agricultural products and countries in Africa, Latin America and Asia to provide evidence-based and quantitative information to decision-makers.

The Conference aimed at taking stock of lessons learnt from evidence (research and analysis) produced on value chains and on how to best support the policy dialogue. The Conference presented syntheses, proposed and produced by Agrinatura researchers and partners, on thematic issues that cut across the VCA4D studies. Discussion panels fostered a dialogue between researchers and decision-makers.

Wednesday 18 January

Session 1: Having a common method of analysis for better policy formulation?

Session 2: The role of the midstream sector in generating income and alleviate poverty: how can policy leverage positive effects?

Thursday 19 January

Session 3: Actors’ empowerment and power relations in value chains: what impact on value chains sustainability and development?

Session 4: How can value chains be a vehicle for realizing inclusive and sustainable growth?