Knowledge Platform for Inclusive & Sustainable Food Markets

The KISM platform is a gateway to help farmer organizations, food businesses, governments, and practitioners access cutting-edge research and tools on innovative food systems and markets for better-informed decisions on inclusive and sustainable food value chains. It is a part of the CGIAR Research Initiative on Rethinking Food Markets.

What KISM offers

KISM gives access to a wide range of resources, tools and evidence from the CGIAR Rethinking Food Markets Initiative and other relevant knowledge platforms on innovative food market approaches, tools and policies. It is also a space for engaging with others working in this area to collectively find ways to inform action.

Focus areas

KISM is a one-stop shop for the latest evidence and research outputs from the CGIAR Rethinking Food Markets Initiative in four focus areas. These focus areas specifically address the different types of bundled innovations, approaches and policies that are most effective for creating more inclusive and sustainable food value chains and markets.

Library of resources for learning

Search the KISM library by topic to access and navigate all resources and articles linked to food systems, markets and value chains, and to support effective decision-making in this space.

Partner knowledge platforms

Explore our partner knowledge platform, Evidensia and use its open access library, resources and events to learn about the effectiveness of sustainability approaches for food value chains.

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